2022 marks an important milestone in the organization. It is the culmination of 15 years supporting the efforts of worker-led campaigns, and providing the tools and information needed to hold employers accountable. Since 2007, through organizing and direct action, Brandworkers has seen nine major campaigns come to resolutions for justice within the workplace and job quality gains. It is no small feat to build trust and participate in the vision of dignified working conditions and democratically operated industries, especially when bosses are actively attacking workers rights. 

Now, this historical moment calls for forward-thinking organizers to lead together in new ways. 

On October 12th, we will bring together food manufactory workers, allies and close partners for the 15th Anniversary Brandworkers Awards Social. We will celebrate together in person, for the first time since 2019, the powerful leaders in the movement to unionize NYC and North Jersey food manufactory workers. 

Together, we will recognize the outstanding achievements of this year’s Champions of Economic Justice and raise funds to sustain worker organizing in the year to come. With your support, Brandworkers can build even more momentum to support the food factory workers defining the future.

Come celebrate 15 years of food manufactory worker-led organizing and help us raise $130,000 in donations to support workers organizing right now in their workplace. 

If you plan to attend the event, you can purchase your ticket with a minimum donation of $50 to secure entry. This is a vaccination required event.