Esmeralda Huerta’s COVID-19 Organizing Fundraiser for Brandworkers

Back food factory workers organizing for survival and long term power

Specialty food manufacturing workers are risking their lives to keep food in supply during the coronavirus pandemic. Workers need your solidarity to protect themselves now and to build power that lasts long after the crisis.

I’m raising funds so that we can organize towards a future where food manufacturing workers can take care of each other and themselves, where they don’t have to rely on an employer’s good grace to ensure they don’t accidentally die off from a disease they never asked to be exposed to in the first place.

I’m raising funds because when the most marginalized workers in our society start to gain power, we are all lifted up. (And because if workers start clamoring for a guillotine, we need the money to make it happen.)

Your gift funds worker-led organizing for safety and income support during the coronavirus crisis. Together, we will protect food workers on the frontlines while building power that endures for years to come.

Our gifts will help Brandworkers gather funds from 500 community members by May 1st. Visit to see our progress and sign up to help.