Brandworkers is Hiring a Full Time Organizer

Tue, 10/03/2017 - 1:39pm
Join Brandworkers as an Organizer!

Job Overview:

Do you want to organize with low-wage immigrant workers fighting for dignified jobs and building power? You’ll help workers form strong organizing committees and unite with co-workers across the “sustainable” local food manufacturing industry.

Organizers at Brandworkers support member-leaders carrying out hard-hitting campaigns against wage theft, gender oppression, racism, dangerous working conditions, and more.

By implementing a vision powered by direct action, solidarity, and worker-led organizing, your efforts will help revitalize the labor movement. Far from holding back in the Trump era, you’ll be pursuing a vision of bottom-up struggle for fundamental change that is more necessary than ever.

Our Story:

Brandworkers is the country’s first worker center led and operated by workers employed in the fast-growing local food manufacturing industry. Founded in 2007 and based in Queens, Brandworkers is winning life-changing campaigns for dignified jobs while developing a worker-led organizing model with far-reaching potential for labor movement renewal.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Identify, assess, and build relationships with worksite leaders in local food manufacturing.

  • Help Brandworkers members develop key skills for organizing, campaigning, and leadership development.

  • Support organizing committee leaders to design agendas, organize co-workers, develop a path to victory, formulate and advance a campaign plan, and counter anti-organizing tactics.

  • Support workers’ leadership development journey from the shop floor to the industry overall

  • Track, compile, and analyze your organizing progress to maximize mission impact.

Essential Requirements:

  • Minimum of two years of experience and demonstrated success as a union organizer or as a worker center organizer building robust organizing committees in workplaces

  • Fluency, or at least high proficiency, in English and Spanish

  • Mastery of core workplace organizing capabilities: active listening, list building, charting, workplace mapping,  message development, leadership identification, committee building, and more

  • Demonstrated ability to embrace Brandworkers’ prioritization of marginalized workers including indigenous, immigrant, women, people of color and/or gender nonconforming people

  • Ability to execute with discipline including making and carrying out quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily plans to achieve quantitative and qualitative organizing goals

Compensation and Benefits:

We’re open to candidates with a variety of experience levels. Salary based on your experience, with an approximate range of $34,000 - $54,000 per year.

Fully-paid health and dental benefits. Participation in Brandworkers' retirement program. Generous vacation and professional development policies. Platform to fully lead, to create, and to express your movement contribution.

Our Hiring Process:

  • Applications will be reviewed as they arrive, so best to apply as soon as you are able.

  • Successful applicants will advance to a phone interview in November.

  • In-person interviews will begin in late November.

  • The successful candidate will receive an offer in the early part of December after a final interview.


Application Instructions:

Interested candidates should email Gabriel Morales, Campaign Director, at with a cover letter and resume.


Brandworkers strongly encourages applications from people of color, women, immigrants, indigenous people, LGBT people, and other traditionally oppressed communities.


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