Stand With the Workers at Amy's Bread

Mon, 12/23/2013 - 2:55pm
Stand with the Workers at Amy's Bread

Dear friend,

As I write this, Brandworkers members at Amy's Bread find themselves in a life-changing effort for good jobs and a more just foodsystem. Please make a year-end gift to Brandworkers so these workers and others like them can continue building and leading their own campaigns for a dignified future.

Amy's Bread has rocketed to success with a community-friendly brand and a highly gifted group of bakery workers, yet employees struggle to afford basic necessities.

With the support of our generous community, Brandworkers has been able to help the Amy's Bread workers build their own campaign through months of intensive training, hands-on experience, and a leadership development program.

Using this innovative worker led-and-operated model, the bakers initiated their campaign journey last month by sharing a respectful request for dialogue with the company. The employer has so far rebuffed the good-faith attempt at dialogue in favor of a determined pressure campaign to stifle workers' voices for change.

Despite the risks, Amy's Bread workers are pressing on to the future their families deserve and to the responsible food system we all need. Please help see this journey through to victory with a holiday gift of $25, $35, or $50 to Brandworkers today.

Thank you and have a wonderful New Year, full of energy, and creativity for justice.

Daniel Gross
Executive Director

P.S. While Amy's Bread workers are standing strong, the company has created a pressure-filled environment to derail their positive effort for change. The stakes are real. Please take a moment to make your year-end contribution to Brandworkers and help the workers at Amy's Bread win.

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