Your May Day donation funds worker organizing

Our mission is to support local food manufacturing worker to organize their workplaces into strong, worker-led unions. Join the Brandworkers community and build a more just food system by giving today.


Brandworkers supports food workers to get the tools, training, solidarity; and ultimately, the power necessary to transform their industry & participate in all of our collective liberation.

I never, ever could have guessed that my workplace, my coworkers, our supporters, our allies, our volunteers, could have come together to produce a movement as strong as ours.

Our campaign is rock frickin’ solid. It could have never have been that way without all of you.

Local Food Worker 2023


Brandworkers has been a source of guidance, wisdom, friendship, and inspiration since the day our campaign reached out to them. Now when other food industry workers tell me they are interested in organizing I always say to get in touch with Brandworkers!

Local Food Worker 2024