Worker-led Organizing


Our Vision

One dignified, family supporting employment standard for workers in the local food industry, maintained and enhanced by the agency of rank and file workers.

“With Brandworkers I’m learning how to organize to build a union in my workplace and how to speak with my coworkers. We’re struggling to have a better life than what we have now. I’d like to learn how to support people that are facing abusive working conditions. Even at other workplaces.”

NYC Food Factory Worker

Local Food Manufacturing in New York:

Opportunity at Risk
With 35,000 workers, NYC’s local food industry brings $5 billion to our communities. But, our communities can’t afford the risks of a business model built on exploitation.
Wage Exploitation

Local food workers face long hours with low pay - 48 hours per week on average.

Risk to Health & Safety


workers report an injury on the job

Exploitation of Immigrant Workers

Undocumented workers are paid $7.52 an hour less than their coworkers.

Gendered Exploitation

Women are paid 60 cents on the dollar compared to men

Brandworkers Solution:

Worker Power Transforms the Local Food Industry
Brandworkers members are forging a new kind of organization to restore power to workers. Workers themselves are best-positioned and uniquely capable to liberate themselves and transform our local food system.
Member-led Organizing
Members develop their leadership by making decisions at every stage and level of the campaign.
Direct Action
Direct action is the most powerful way for workers to lead their struggle directly.
Brandworkers allies accompany members in struggle, supporting worker leadership as we journey together toward a just food system and a new form of worker organization.

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