The community showing up for food factory workers organizing in NYC


“With Brandworkers I’m learning how to organize to build a union in my workplace and how to speak with my coworkers. We’re struggling to have a better life than what we have now. I’d like to learn how to support people that are facing abusive working conditions. Even at other workplaces.” -NYC food factory worker

Hear from workers themselves

In the 2021 Brandworkers Awards Gala, food factory workers opened up and shared their stories. Click here and listen to the workers organizing in NYC share WHY they are organizing.


Worker power transforms the local food industry. Become an ally and support workers organizing to liberate and transform our local food system.

Attend el hormiguero Weekly Meetings

el hormiguero meets every Wednesday at 7:00pm. Join these meetings and discuss how we, as ally members, can support worker-led organizing.

Click here to preview an el hormiguero agenda and sign up to join our next meeting.

give monthly

Giving $10 monthly for one-year sustains five, one-on-one meetings with worker-leaders. Giving $20 monthly for one year funds five, organizing trainings for worker-leaders.

Becoming an ally monthly donor is a direct way to support food factory worker’s immediate organizing needs.

Click here  and become an ally monthly donor.

Volunteer with us

Volunteer with us and become an ally member. Brandworkers greatest strength is our community. Join workers at actions and volunteer at outreach sessions, research sessions and much more.

Click here and sign up to volunteer and to hear about any upcoming actions you can attend.

el hormiguero (the anthill) is a group of people (allies) supporting NYC-area food factory workers by volunteering, giving monthly and more. Join the community that supports workers organizing for dignified jobs and power in society with Brandworkers and our union partner, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)