The 2019 Brandworkers May Day Campaign

The Brandworkers May Day Campaign is an annual people-powered fundraiser growing worker organizing in the tradition of the immigrant workers who started International Workers’ Day.

Thank you to the over 400 people who donated and volunteered to raise over $48,000. Together we celebrate worker power for dignified jobs in the food manufacturing industry!

Fair and safe working conditions. The rights of immigrants. Racial and gender justice. A voice for workers in society. A sustainable food system that promotes social justice as a core value.

Brandworkers is a non-profit membership group of food factory workers that have been organizing for dignified jobs and a just food system for over 11 years. With your solidarity, members are setting a standard for family-sustaining jobs with a path to retirement, workplace safety, and a collective voice across the industry.

Your generous contributions sustain the training, infrastructure, and supportive community workers need to build power. This year, funds raised are supporting:

  • Begin a new workplace justice organizing campaign at a food factory.
  • Fuel victory at Tom Cat Bakery for immigrant protections & fair severance for workers fired in an ICE audit.
  • Push back against unsafe conditions, stagnant wages, and understaffing at Amy’s Bread.
  • Grow Brandworkers’ Gender Justice Initiative prioritizing gender justice in every aspect of organizing.
  • Set an example for more workers to fight for and win justice in the workplace.

Brandworkers members rely on grassroots fundraising to grow worker power and each of us is essential. Thank you for showing up proudly with workers for May Day.

Thank you to everyone who powered the 2019 May Day Campaign!

Abby McGill
Adolfo Riffo
Alex Holmstrom-Smith
Alex van Schaick
Amy Kaplan & Paul Statt
Anna Schlenz
Anne Clark
Beth Baltimore
Brenda Enriquez & Frank Gattie
Cathy Dang
Christa Tandana
Cristóbal Tabilo
Daniel Ucko
Danielle Goonan
Deborah Kruger
Eric Dirnbach
Garrett Kaske
Harvey Weiss
Janice Chua
Jay Casey
Jen Carlo & Ilya Geller
Josh Lee
Josie Saladaña & David Kazanjian
Karen Romero
Leo Gertner
Linda Katz
Liss Waters Hyde
Liz Woods
Maisie Stevenson
Marilyn McArthur
Marvin Gonzalez
Mary Kratz
Meghan Brophy
Melanie Greenberg
Melody Lee
Monica Morales Urrabazo
Naomi Heisler
Nikola Djokovic
Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) Staff Team
Ricky Blum
Robert Naranjo
Rohit Chandan
Rosanna Rodríguez-Aran & Virgilio Aran
Ryan Murphy
Sean Reilly-Wood
Sebastian Bouknight
Yasmine Shihab