COVID-19 Organizing Fund

Backing NYC food factory workers organizing for survival and long term power

Specialty food manufacturing workers are risking their lives to keep food in supply during the coronavirus pandemic. Workers need your solidarity to protect themselves now and to build power that lasts long after the crisis.

Thank you to the over 700 people who gave over $94,000 in April 2020. A special thanks to the fundraisers listed below who brought together community members in solidarity. Your support is sustaining worker-led organizing for safety and income support during the coronavirus crisis. Together, we will protect food workers on the frontlines while building power that endures for years to come.

Many of us recognize the sacrifice of food factory workers. But employers are largely ignoring workers’ needs, most of whom are immigrants and people of color. Many employers have been forcing workers to make and deliver food during the pandemic without adequate safety measures, hazard pay, or sick leave.

Many food factory workers have been devastated by reduced hours and layoffs as restaurants and catering close. Workers fear for how to put food on their own families’ table.

Each spring, immigrant food workers and allies come together to raise resources during the May Day Campaign. We’re dedicating the entire 2020 May Day Campaign to fund organizing amid COVID-19.