New Labor's 2023 Gala


Brandworkers staff and allies attended the end of year gala hosted by New Jersey based worker center, New Labor. Set against the backdrop of the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations in New Brunswick, NJ, this celebration showcased the spirit of unity and resilience that defines our shared missions. Attendees enjoyed homemade foods whipped up by New Labor members, heard speeches from honorees, and spectated performances of traditional Mexican dance.

Inspiring speeches were given by this year’s honorees, The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice and Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center Nurses (United Steel Workers 4-200). The latter of which recently ratified a contract with their employer after 4 months on strike, showcasing the power of collective action.

Amongst other achievements, the highlight being celebrated by New Labor and their coalition, was the passing of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in the NJ State Senate. A historic bill that now moves towards ratification in the State Assembly. This groundbreaking legislation will mandate employers to provide contracts that align with established labor laws, a crucial step towards rectifying the current exemption of domestic workers from these essential safeguards.

The bill envisions a future where domestic workers are afforded the protections they deserve. 

More can be found about the benefits of the bill, and its current standing in the NJ legislature here.  


Written by Joseph Seider

Editor Emith Escobar