TOC DJs team up with El Hormiguero to raise funds for families in Palestine

On Friday, February 23, 2024 El Hormiguero co-hosted a fundraiser alongside Theory of Change (TOC) to raise funds for families in Palestine. The event took place at Starr Bar in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where hundreds of folks joined us, to help raise funds and enjoy wicked cool beats from guest DJs. In total, we raised $1,500, all of which will be distributed to, Within Our Lifetime Palestine (unable to provide link since IG shut down their pages), Jewish Voice for Peace NY, Healing Our Homeland, and various Palestinian Families GoFundMe’s. 


TOC is a recently launched non-profit organization, that seeks to build community through monthly sound room and music events. They believe that providing a fun and inviting atmosphere for the community, where local organizations and mutual aid groups can share critical information and other resources, is the perfect catalyst for collective empowerment. 


We thank you for supporting our fundraiser for Palestinian families who are in dire need of assistance. It is a small way to help, and far from what is needed, which is an immediate ceasefire. We stand with Palestine and against the genocide of the Palestinian peoples, and encourage you to join us at future rallies. Stayed tuned on our IG page for info on which ones we will attend. 🇵🇸