Alright alright alright. Here’s the scoop on this month’s El Hormiguero activity! We had 3 guest speakers join us for a short interview and Q & A. We had Austin Locke of the Ditmars Starbucks Workers United join us to tell talk about his journey from organizing his Starbucks to winning an election to being illegally fired and recently becoming the first worker to be reinstated using the new Fast Food Just Cause Law. Antonio from Los Deliveristas Unidos joined us to talk about his journey as an immigrant worker organizing in NYC and his resolve to fight back against the Adams administration’s scale back of the recently won delivery worker minimum wage, which was supposed to be $24/hour but has been lower to just $19/hour after years of fighting for a fair wage. Mahoma Lopez, the legendary organizer from our coalition partner Laundry Workers Center, spoke to us regarding the developments of the Cabricanecos Campaign. The campaign, which is led by 40 indigenous construction workers who recently won a workplace safety committee, are once again under attack from the boss. The bosses at Best Super Clean are refusing to meet with the workers and retaliating with firings and unfair treatment after the workers tried to get them to fulfill their workplace safety demands. El Hormiguero members got to receive confidential updates on each campaign and a chance to ask questions to these local organizing leaders.

On top of all that we are excited to welcome 4 new members to El Hormiguero this month! If you or anyone you know are interested in joining please fill this out or join our weekly zoom meeting!