On May 2nd, 2022 a rainy day in BK, Los Cabricanecos along with a coalition of many community organizations marched to demand that Best Super Clean provide proper personal protective equipment, fair wages, and respect. Los Cabricanecos, organizing with the Laundry Workers Center, are a group of 40 construction workers who last month were able to establish a Work Safety Committee at their workplace. Best Super Clean, managed by Benjamín Mehrel and Yoely Schonfeld, is a NY based demolition company, which failed to provide basic safety equipment. They would rarely provide harnesses, which are required when dealing with demolition on high rises, and when they did the harnesses would be falling apart and even more oddly enough they were frequently not attached to any support structure, making them utterly useless!

We have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Los Cabricanecos, and can certify that they do not in fact possess the ability of flight! After establishing their hard won safety committee, the workers organized weekly rallies from May 2 until last month, Best Super Clean provided raises to its employees. EXCEPT Los Cabricanecos because of their organizing efforts. Best Super Clean claims that they have no merit to deserve the raise. Followed by a refusal to continue negotiations with Los Cabricanecos, the workers have once again gone back to organizing weekly rallies. We have been there supporting the workers since May 2nd, and we don’t see that support wavering. If you would like to support Los Cabricanecos please stay tuned for future updates on here, follow Laundry Workers Center, or show up any Friday this coming month at 12pm at 139 Tompkins Ave to participate in a weekly rally in front of the offices of Best Super Clean.